Mild sheets, which are generally produced using flat steel materials, are very portable products that stand out by using rectangular sections in casting processes, heating, and rolling at a certain temperature. The mild steel model is rolled into rolls in the first stage after production. In this way, black sheets are prevented from occupying extra space in terms of volume and size.

The most distinctive feature of black sheets that distinguishes them from DKP sheets is the color of the sheets. There is a thickness of black sheets that varies between 1.5 mm and 20 mm compared to other sheets.

In the style production of mild steel, if applied correctly, the steel material reaches the crystallization temperature in a short time. In this way, if you have black sheet metal, it will be much easier to give the sheet metal the shape you want. In all large-size productions of steel materials, mild steel models are valid.

However, due to the fact that black sheets pass to the crystallization level very quickly, It is important not to experience any delays in the processing stages. Especially when short sheets reach the cooling stage, they begin to shrink slightly. For this reason, after this point, hair care and shaping will become more difficult. Acting quickly is very important to have flat sheets.

Ponis Metal Quality Black Sheet Cutting

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Providing qualified service, especially in black sheet products and cutting processes, is among the most important advantages offered by our company. You should give Ponis Metal a chance to save money and time in the long run and to experience trouble-free product use. Our company, which has managed to leave all its competitors behind in the sector and aims to work devotedly as a priority, is always at your service with its affordable pricing policy. next to you. Do not decide without taking a look at Ponis Metal.

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